DeLay Band


Congratulations to our new Region Band Members!

Omar Ibarra on Clarinet

Dominick McCaskill on Clarinet

Curtuss Mims on Saxophone

Cosme Martinez on Euphonium

Evelyn Mundt on Euphonium

Finally, congratulations to Thalia Jacinto and Axel Guadarrama and Brian Pardo for making the final round of this contest, placing in the top 30% of all that auditioned.

Congratulations to our new District Band Members! (Separate Contest)

Omar Ibarra on Clarinet

Dominick McCaskill on Clarinet

Brian Pardo on Horn

Axel Guadarrama on Trombone

The following students also made finals, and many were just one or a two spots away from making the band: Curtuss Mims, Tyler Ossowski, Christopher Ramirez, Huy Nguyen, Junior Martinez, Evelyn Mundt and Van Tran. We're proud of all that auditioned!

Congratulations to the following "All-DeLay" students for making past our audition screening process on October 1. They are all doing an incredible job and put in a lot of effort and are the musical leaders of our program: Juan Avila, Omar Ibarra, Thalia Jacinto, Junior Martinez, Dominick McCaskill, Curtuss Mims, Isaac Moncivais, Huy Nguyen, Tyler Ossowski, Brian Pardo, Francisco Ramirez and Christopher Ramirez.

Fall Concert!

We had an amazing Fall Concert! Great job to the Beginner Band, Symphonic Band and the Honor Band! Thank you to the 1,000 parents and family members that came out to support your students, it's very important! They all played beautifully.

Parent Meeting Agenda

Reunión de padres de la banda

Full Band Tutoring Schedule

Monday       7:15 Region Band Practice
                    8:15 6th-8th Grade Practice
                    4:10 Beginner Band Rehearsal and Jazz Band

Tuesday      7:15 Honor Band 7th Grade
                    8:15 6th-8th Grade Practice
                    4:10 Honor Band 8th Grade

 Wednesday 7:15 Symphonic Band 7th Grade
                     8:15 6th-8th Grade Practice
                     4:10 Symphonic Band 8th Grade

Thursday      7:15 Percussion Ensemble
                     8:15  6th-8th Grade Practice
                     4:10 Jazz Band

Friday           7:15 Region Practice
                     8:15 6th-8th Grade Practice
                     4:15 Band Council

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