DeLay Band

Open House Notes
Band grades are achievement based. Students are asked to complete assignments for their grade.
Practice outside of class is expected, especially on the days they don't have band class.
    Students may:
        Take instruments home
        They may practice before and after school in the band room.
        They may record assignments and send recordings in a direct message through WebEx.
        Many assignments in Canvas that require recordings to be submitted.

Honor Band students have a sectional schedule:



Bass Clarinet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba and Flutes


Trumpets and Horns

Band Fees

Band Fees are required so we can function. We've had to buy many extra supplies to help kids stay safe during level orange and have more that we would like to purchase.
Most students qualify for free lunch and their LISD instrument maintenance fee is $25.
The DeLay Band fee is $50, but our fundraising covers most of the costs.
    Mouthpieces aren't included in the instrument fee, so we provide those. They range from $65-$200.
    Band Books, Binders, Dividers, Pencils and music end up costing $15-$32.
    Brass oils and grease cost about $12.
    Percussion sticks and mallets cost $11-$16, and the pads cost $75.
    Woodwind next straps, swabs, polishing cloths and discounted reeds cost us from $30-$40.