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Notes from the last parent meeting...

posted Oct 15, 2010, 8:49 AM by DeLay Band   [ updated Oct 19, 2010, 10:18 AM ]


Chick-fil-A SPIRIT DAY!  The DeLay Band will get 15% of all sales!  Get your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to buy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the Chick-fil-A on Main St. in Lewisville!   Tell them you are there to support the band and we will get the donation.  Thank you for your support!


Yard sale

We need volunteers to sign up to help work the yard sale, scheduled for December 4.  We need parents and students to help with planning, advertising, set up, tear down, and help with watching merchandise.  PLEASE START LOOKING FOR POSSIBLE DONATIONS!  Clean out those closets, toys, books, and anything else you would be willing to donate.  All unsold donations will be brought to the nearest Goodwill following the yard sale.



We have sold half of our DeLay Band T-Shirts.  This is a great start, but our students need to buy them for upcoming events and spirit days.  I plan on having students wear their band shirts to Sandy Lake and 6 Flags instead of wearing the formal concert uniform.  If they all don’t have them we will have to take clothes with us to perform.


Game Night!

4:10 Console and Board Games: Students must sign up to bring games and consoles with the PERMISSION of their parents and the band directors.  We ask that students not bring war games, games with blood, illegal substances, excessive violence, profanity, and anything else that would be against the school and district code of conduct.  Inappropriate games will be taken and any student that is playing and/or owns the game will be asked to leave the band party.

6:15 Parents set up for dinner in the DeLay Café.

6:30 Students and parents share a pot luck dinner.   The sign-up sheet for food, plates, plasticware, napkins and snacks is in the back of the room on the back table.

7:00 Clean-Up: Students clean up the cafeteria and band hall before dismissal.


Private Lessons

1.       Students will generally take one 30 minute lesson per week.  The cost for each lesson will be $17.00 for teachers who hold a college degree.


2.       Lessons will be scheduled before school, after school, or during the band period depending on the schedule of the student and the lesson teacher.  In some cases, 22-minute lessons will be necessary.  The cost would be $14.00 for our degreed teachers. 


3.       Payment for private lessons will be dealt with by the private lesson instructor.  Usually, bills will be handed out on the last lesson of the month, and payment will be expected on the first lesson of the month for the entire month. 


4.       If a child's private lesson is missed or has to be cancelled, you must notify the private lesson teacher by telephone at least 24 hours in advance -- then it will be considered an excused absence, and that money will be applied to your following month's statement.  Unexcused absences will have to be paid for.    


5.       Parents should encourage students to practice regularly to prepare for their lesson material in addition to their assignments for band class.


6.       Students of all levels can benefit from private instruction.


Practice Cards

                Practice at least 5 days a week.

                                Each day under this is 5 points off.

                Each practice session should be at least 10 minutes.

                                Less than 10 minutes of practice will not count on your total minutes.

                The Total Weekly Practice Time Requirements are:

                                Beginner Band: 50 Minutes

                                Symphonic Band: 75 Minutes

                                Honor Winds: 90 Minutes (15 extra points awarded)

                Each minute under the requirement is deducted from the practice card grade.

                Each minute over the requirement is added to the practice card grade.

                10 points off if your name and class period are not at the top.


The Band Hall is open before school at 7am and after school until 5:15 for personal practice.

Please use this time to work on each week's objective tests!










6th Grade Clarinets

6th Grade Trombones/Horns



8th Grade Clarinets




7th Grade Flutes

7th Grade Brass



8th Grade Flutes

6th Grade Trumpets



6th Grade Flutes

7th Gade Percussion



6th Grade Flutes

8th Grade Brass



7th Grade Clarinets





6th Grade Euphoniums/Tubas



6th Grade Saxophones