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October News!

posted Oct 2, 2013, 6:47 PM by DeLay Band

Practice Cards

Practice Cards are now due every Monday.  Please set a routine schedule for your student to practice. The band hall is open every day from 7:00 to 5:15 to give them another place and more time to play.  Thank you for signing their practice cards each week in the field provided.  The band directors will initial for time practice at school.  Sectionals and private lessons count, students must play a minimum of 4 days a Week.  Practice must be focused on assignments.  Students practicing 300 minutes per week are invited to amazing jakes on May 24, 2014.


                  Superior: Above 150 minutes = 100%                           

                  Excellent: 125-149 Minutes = 95%                              

                  Good: 100-124 Minutes = 90%                                              

                  Fair: 75-99 Minutes = 85%                                              

                  Poor: 60-74 Minutes = 80%                                           

                  Unacceptable:  0-59 Minutes, Parent Conference            

Apps for Ipad (The only apps allowed for use in the band hall)

Charms Portal (free): Has band recordings and students can use it to record playing tests.  We may use it to help keep track of finances as well.

Tonal Energy ($4): Has more capability than our state-of-the-art keyboard.  Students can tune, use drones, understand various tuning systems, see their sound graphed, and record their playing tests.

Smartmusic ($40): The app itself is free, but students need the computer subscription in order to use it.  Try downloading the free month trial and you’ll see that it is amazing.

 Wednesday, October 9: Fall Concert and Hispanic Heritage Night

Next Wednesday is the Concert, Symphonic, and Honor Band Fall Concert.  The beginner band will play at the December 10 concert.  The choir and theater will perform in other locations and the art program will have works of art on display.  This is considered a school parent night and food will be provided for all parents and family at 6:00.  The band uniform will be jeans or uniform pants and their band shirt, tucked in with a belt.  Come out, have some food, and enjoy our concert!

 Thursday, October 10: Band Booster Meeting, 6:00 PM-7:00 PM

Come out and help shape the future of the DeLay Band!

 Honor Band Sectionals

All honor band sectionals are required to be in such an amazing group.  Students are assigned a specific day of the week and may attend the morning 7:00 or afternoon 4:15 times to work around school conflicts. Students must communicate with directors if they cannot attend one week so they can schedule a make up practice time to pass of their tests.