Booster Club

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Booster Club Meeting

June 17, 2014

In attendance:

Kimberly Burkett

Roberta Haythorn

Briese Marcotte

Laura Fischer

Maria Rojo

David DeSoto

We Deposited Cookie fundraiser money from the last month of school.

The DeLay Band has received a $5,000 donation for our percussion program.

This check will pay for Mr. Harris to teach all returning percussionist during the Honor Band class Monday through Thursday.  This will free the directors to work on specific wind instrument pedagogy as well as bring our percussion ensemble to an advanced level.

        Fill out a visiting contractor form or create a contract.

        Roberta will send Kimberly the form to create our own.

Matthew Reisinger worked a UIL band camp on March 5 and 12.

        LISD finance has had too much time to pay him, so please vote to do so.

        Voted yes to pay Mr. Reisinger.  The email was forwarded to Roberta Haythorn and she will email Tanya Wilson to confirm the payment is cancelled.  Roberta will then mail it to Mr. Reisinger.


Roberta Haythorn will follow up on Hay Day Activities on August 15.  We may sell labeled water bottles, water balloons, spirit wear, ect. Roberta

Roberta will contact high school to create a similar donation link on our webpage.

Roberta will check on shirt donations.

Laura Fischer will take over the Amazon Associate program.

She will look into the exact method for earning credit

Monitor Sales

Mr. DeSoto will add links to the webpage with Laura’s help.

Mr. DeSoto will order chocolate and pick it up from the warehouse.

Parents will take boxes to work and sell them to their coworkers.

Band Booster Meetings will usually be the second Thursday at 6:30pm.

The next meeting will be the first August 7 at 6:30 to avoid conflicts the next week.

The new Executive Committee will be voted into office this at this meeting.  All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade parents will be allowed to come and nominate themselves or others for office.

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