DeLay Band Boosters

Unofficial Minutes of the first DeLay Band Booster Club Meeting 


Special thanks to Kimberly Burkett for researching appropriate documents to enable the formation of this booster club.  You made everything a line-item question and we never could have thought the process would be so easy.  Thank you for support.


DeLay Middle School Band Boosters Executive Board:

President: Roberta Haythorn

Vice President(s): Will Vote at the next meeting

Treasurer: Kimberly Burkett

Secretary: Norma Arias

The next meeting will be our first official meeting to form a 501c3 on 10/10/13. 

All other meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of every month

We have chosen our name to be "DeLay Middle School Band Boosters"

            Kimberly will check if the name is in use already.

We want 5 directors on the board to break vote ties.

We have a two-year term, subject to re-election. 

No director receives compensation for their duties.

Meetings will be every second meeting

Must give notice of board meetings: Tell students, email, text, skyward.


Quorum:  A quorum for all general meetings of the organization shall consist of the members in attendance.  A quorum for the Executive Board meetings shall consist of one over half of the members of the Executive Board.  

Conduct of Board Meetings: Such procedures.... can change.  No Robert’s Rules unless needed.

Minutes and Records may be seen by anyone in the organization.  It will be kept in the band office and available by appointment.

Minutes will serve as our periodic state and federal reporting.  We must also do a beginning of the year and end of year financial report.

Minutes ratification may be approved by email.  This will limit the time handing out minutes and reading before approval.

Rough estimate of how much it will cost $850 and incorporation is a couple hundred more.

We are checking if Datcu will be our bank. 

Any excess benefits will carry over into the next year.

Dissolution clause: The band directors can dissolve the band directors at any time.  All funds will be transferred to the school’s band program fund.

The band needs money to be raised for at least: 

Region Camps            $2,000.00

Clinician to visit 3 Times      $2,400.00

Concert Music            $400.00

All District Fee           $300.00

All Region Fee            $300.00

Director Professional Dev.    $2,000.00

Booster Club Formation Fees           $800.00

Multiple Recruiting Concerts           $500

Pre-UIL           $300

Sandy Lake Beginners/Symphonic $300

Peak Festival Honor Band    $900.00

Smartmusic    $460

Rewards, Supplies, Technology       $5,000

            Total Minimum: $15,660