Charms Office Assistant 

Download the "Charms Blue" app on student and parent phones and devices. also works.  

Username: delaymsband
Password: School ID number, just the number.

Here is the login screen. Click to enlarge the picture if needed. Type in delaymsband for the username and your student school ID number for the password.

It will ask you to change your password... don't! :) It's just band.
Click the top right "hamburger" menu button, below my cell phone battery that's dying.

This is the menu that opens. I'll go through each used item below separately, but here's a quick list:

Recording Studio: We will use this for most playing tests and pass-offs.
News: Most emails directors send will be stored here for reference.
Calendar: Not used. We use google calendar at
Email Leaders: This works, but our direct email addresses are here.
Handouts: Some music can be found here.
Practice Logs: We don't use practice logs, just pass-offs.
Finances: All transactions will be recorded here. (Fees, trips, hoodies, etc)
Volunteer: Please email to volunteer. It's easy and we need your help!

My Profile: Make sure we have all student phone numbers, email addresses and other information. Add parents if needed to the account and please add all phone and email information as well. Communication is of utmost importance.

The red button starts recording and then students will be asked to name their pass-off when they stop the recording.

Along the bottom are 4 options. From left to right the labels are:
Microphone: Record and then name the file. This is the page shown on the left.
Assignment: We don't use this.
Accompaniment: Our assignments will be here as it allows more flexibility.
Listen: Hear your pass-offs and check director comments. 

Emails directors send are stored here. 
We have multiple events and they keep our students and parents informed.

Handouts are sheet music. This webpage has all other forms linked.

Finances are a necessary component of our program. We are the cheapest program in Lewisville because we fund-raise a lot. 
Here you will see all transactions for band fees, spirit items, extra trips and fundraising.
We can print invoices, but ask that you consider using this online record to save trees, ink and time.

Your profile should have all student information filled out.
Edit Adults, in the top right corner of the blue area, will also need to be completed. Teacher and parent communication is vital to our success.

Add adults that are missing and fill out all missing information.

 also works. Click ENTER/LOGIN on the top right.

Go down to PARENTS/STUDENTS/MEMBERS and enter the school code, delaymsband, and click the green button that says, "Enter Parent/Student Area."

Enter their school ID# for their password. 

Please click the blue "Update Info" and make sure all of your family's contact information is correct.