Google Classroom
-Go to classroom.google.com.
-If logged into a home gmail account, log out.
-Log into your school, lastnamefirstinitial@go.lisd.net, email account.  It's actually a Google email.
    Your password should be the same as Skyward.
-Select that your a student, not a teacher.
-Click the + in the top right to add one of these student codes:

Honor Band --- i82jt7
Concert Band --- pahvk54
Trumpet Class --- 7es7cn5
Tuba Euph Class --- jolqdy
Trombone Class --- 167m1wk
Horn Class --- 1jmyun

Record yourself with the Ipad camera or metronome app.
Upload to Google Drive.
In classroom.google.com click the assignment you want to complete.
Click Add on the left, and then the paperclip attachment button.
Add a file from your Ipad.
Upload the file from google drive or take a video from the option to use the camera.
This will enable us to keep all attempts and give each student a music portfolio.