DeLay Band

Congratulations to Aidan Hall (Euphonium) and Langdon Lumpkin-McBreen (Trumpet) for making the All-District Band! 

Congratulations to Aidan Mills (Alto) and Joel Peng (Percussion) and Jillian Eaddy (Alto) for making the second phase of the contest. You all worked hard and learned your scales and etude cuts at a very high level. We're so proud of you!

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Band Fees and Registration

We need band fees turned in as soon as possible. 
LISD charges an instrument maintenance to every student who uses an LISD instrument. In addition to the LISD instrument maintenance fee, there is a DeLay Band supply and activity fee. 

We need everyone’s help and support to keep our band program running smoothly. When the cost of just a mouthpiece for one instrument can cost up to $200, we ask that everyone please turn in band fees as soon as possible. If you are experiencing financial hardships, please contact us to work out a payment plan or so work something else out.

Band Registration Video - English


Formulario de Registro de la Banda DeLay

Band Registration Form

 Formulario de Registro de la Banda DeLay 

If you qualify for free lunch, the total fee is $70.
If you qualify for reduced-priced lunch, the total fee is $100.
If you pay full-priced lunch, the total fee is $100.

Once fees are paid in full, the student can get their band shirt. 

Pay Fees Online