Band Parent Meeting

What: Band Parent Meeting 
Who: Beginner Band Parents (All parents are welcome)
When: Thursday, August 23, at 6:00 pm
Where: DeLay Band Hall/Orchestra Room (Spanish/English)


David DeSoto - Head Director


Joe Janes - Associate Director


Grade Policies

(30%) Practice

  • Practice - All band classes have required rehearsals before or after school and are required to practice 5 times each week for a minimum of 30 minutes. Rehearsals also count as practice time. Students that practice at home must submit recordings online and ask the directors for stickers. Students attending required Beginner Band Rehearsals and Sectionals for Honor and Symphonic will receive 2 practice stickers for the hour.

    • 100% 5 Practice Stickers

    • 80% 4 Practice Stickers

    • 60% 3 Practice Stickers

    • 40% 2 Practice Stickers

    • 20% 1 Practice Sticker

(40%) Objectives

  • Objectives - Students will practice until they master assigned music and concepts. Most pass-offs are done outside of class during practice time.

  • Instrument Inspections - Students clean instruments once per nine weeks.

  • Binder Inspections - Students should keep their binders organized throughout the year.

(30%) Performances

  • Performances - The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requires students to perform multiple times throughout the school year. This is the most fun aspect of our program and necessary for development.

School-Owned Instruments

Instrument Contract SPANISH

Instrument Contract CHIN

Instrument Contract ENGLISH

Rent-to-Own Your Instrument
Music and Arts

Music and Arts is a store that offers rent-to-own instruments. We have given them our list of preferred beginner instruments and renting helps make purchasing an instrument affordable. These instruments can be useful into high school and beyond, and you can upgrade your instrument to professional levels.

If you want to look on craigslist or other web pages, please speak with directors first. Buying an instrument that won't work is a waste of money and stressful for our kids.

Includes the School Instrument Rental Fee

Band Activity Fee

All students pay a $50 Band Fee.

This helps partially pay for band t-shirts, band polos, contests, trips, binders, books and many other supplies. Fundraising covers most of our costs.


Lewisville ISD Instrument Maintenance Fees

  • Beginner Percussion circle $0 if you pay free lunch. You will purchase a mallet bag, so we'll cover your fee this year.

  • Percussion circle $10 if you qualify for free price lunch.

  • Percussion circle $20 if you pay reduced price lunch.

  • Percussion circle $50 if you pay full price lunch.

  • Circle $20 to rent an LISD instrument and qualify for free lunch.

  • Circle $50 to rent an LISD instrument and qualify for reduced price lunch.

  • Circle $100 to rent an LISD instrument and pay full priced lunch.

  • Circle $0 if you have purchased your own instrument.







  • Circle $60 if student is in Beginner Percussion for a required bag, sticks and mallets.

  • All other students circle $0.








All students are asked to participate in fundraising to offset our low fees. We will sell World's Finest Chocolate, 10 bars at a time. Students in Honor Band with a history of selling may sell an entire box.

Band Calendar
Sync to personal calendars and toggle on and off to hide it. We will add dates to Canvas for students.

You must fill this background check (new system) to volunteer on trips with us. We'd love if all parents volunteered at one or more events.

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This is Mr. DeSoto's ninth year as the the head director of the DeLay Middle School Band.. During that time he has grown the program from 86 students to over 350 students and earned the honor of being Teacher of the Year for the 2014-2015 school year. The DeLay Bands earn Superior ratings at contests.

He was previously assistant director at Berkner High School and Plano West Senior High School.  He has a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of North Texas and a Master of Music Degree from Southern Methodist University.

His wife is a band director at Shadow Ridge Middle School and his newborn son is amazing.

Mr. Janes is in his 5th year as associate director of DeLay Middle School.

Mr. Janes is originally from Wisconsin where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Lawrence University. He lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 10 years where he taught middle school and high school band. Mr. Janes was also very active in the local music scene playing with everything from small jazz groups to salsa bands. While in New Mexico, Mr. Janes had the amazing opportunity to study with world renown musician Eddie Daniels.

Mr. Janes moved to Texas in 2003 and taught for two years in Frisco and then took a few years off of teaching and earned his Master’s degree in Jazz Studies from the University of North Texas. Mr. Janes has taught as Adjunct Professor at the University of North Texas and at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and then as a head director at Gunn Junior High in Arlington.  He is excited to now be a part of the DeLay Middle School band!

Mr. Janes lives in Denton, TX with his wife, daughter, and dog.