Band Parent Meeting

What: Band Parent Meeting 
Who: All Band Parents
When: Thursday, August 23, at 6:00 pm
Where: DeLay Band Hall/Orchestra Room (Spanish/English)


David DeSoto - Head Director


Joe Janes - Associate Director



Monday       8:15 6th-8th Grade Practice
                  4:10 Beginner Band Required Rehearsal (Starting August 27)

Tuesday      8:15 6th-8th Grade Practice Time

Wednesday  8:15 6th-8th Grade Practice Time
                    Advisory Class Practice Time

Thursday      8:15 6th-8th Grade Practice
                   4:10 Pass-Off Practice Time
                    Advisory Class Practice Time

Friday          8:15 6th-8th Grade Practice

All students may come to band during most advisory class periods to pass-off assignments.

All Students are required to practice 5 times per week for an assignment grade. Practice credit will be given for required rehearsals, advisory class practice, before and after school practice, and home practice if the student records assignments with Canvas or Charms.

School-owned instruments will be issued to most students.

Band Fees - Include School Instrument Rental Fee

Fundraising - All students are asked to participate to offset our cheap fees. Donations may count as fundraising.

Band Calendar - Sync to personal calendars

Charms Blue App - iOS - Android - Charms Instructions 

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