Band Parent Meeting

What: Band Parent Meeting 
Who: All Band Parents
When: Friday, September 1 at 6:00 pm
Where: DeLay Band Hall/Orchestra Room (Spanish/English)
Students: Have a party in the cafeteria from 4:00-7:00pm


David DeSoto - Head Director


Joe Janes - Associate Director





  • Participation - One grade per 9 weeks.  2-point deductions may be made for students being off-task, disruptive, or if they are missing supplies such as their instrument, binder, and pencil.

  • Sectionals - All band classes may have required rehearsals before or after school.

  • Paperwork - Failing to get forms signed on time may result in lunch detentions in addition to grade changes.

  • Instrument Inspections - Students clean instruments once per nine weeks.


  • Pass-Offs - Students will practice until they master assigned music and concepts. Most pass-offs are done at sectionals and rehearsals, not during class time.

  • Performances - The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requires students to perform multiple times throughout the school year. This is the most fun aspect of our program and necessary for development.



Students are required to attend rehearsals for individualized attention and to pass playing tests. They will sign up for a specific rehearsal time. Conflicts must be discussed with a director in advance to work out an alternate time.

Brass Percussion Sectionals - before or after school on Wednesdays.

Woodwind Sectionals are before or after school on Tuesdays.

Beginner Band Rehearsals are Monday after school.

Honor Band has full rehearsal Thursdays after school.

School-owned instruments will be issued to most students.

Band Fees - Include School Instrument Rental Fee

Fundraising - All students are asked to participate to offset our cheap fees. Donations may count as fundraising.

Band Calendar - Sync to personal calendars

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