District Auditions start this weekend. Please record the following a few times and send me your best one. I'll give you feedback and help as much as I can to get your audition sounding great.
We will record also record in 150 on Monday to try and get even better sound.

2nd/7th Symphonic record in this assignment:

District Audition:

Record your 2 Major Scales.

    Scales: Your scale name, not concert pitch.

        Flute: G and Db

        Clarinet: Bb and D

        Alto Saxophone: E and F

        Trumpet: D and Eb

        Horn: D and Ab

        Trombone: Ab and Db

        Euphonium: D and Eb

        Tuba: Db and Ab

        Percussion: Eb and D

Record your Chromatic Scale.

Record your Lyrical/Snare Etude Cut.

Record your Technical/Mallet Etude Cut.