Region Auditions

Region Audition Procedures

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Audition Window Times: This google sheet shows the assigned 30 minute window times. 

The All-Region auditions will take place on two dates, depending on what instrument your student plays and I’ve listed that below. Students will play scales, selected parts of their Region Etudes, and sight-read for a panel of judges to have a chance to be selected to be a part of the All-Region Band!

           Wednesday, October 25: Hedrick Middle School (Nate Cooley, director)

Bari Sax- Single room

                           Tenor Sax- Single room

                            Bass Clarinet- Single room

                            Oboe- Multi-room

                            Bassoon- Multi-room

                            Alto Sax- Multi-room

Euphonium- Multi-room

                            Tuba- Multi-room

Percussion - Phase 1

Saturday, October 28: Huffines Middle School (Richard Stephens, director)

                            Flute- Multi-room

                            Clarinet- Multi-room                 

                            Horn- Multi-room

                            Trumpet- Multi-room

                            Trombone- Multi-room

                            Percussion- Phase 2

Single-Room Format

Phase I

Play 2 posted major scales.  (10 points each)

Play chromatic scale (20 points)

  Play one etude cut (100 points)

If student moves to Phase II:

Play other etude cuts (100 points)

Sight-read (8 measures, 30 seconds to study), 60 points


Multi-Room Format

Phase I

Play 1 posted major scale

Play chromatic scale

Play posted lyrical etude cut 

Play posted technical etude cut

If a student qualifies for Phase II, the lead judge will give a Phase II card to the child and instruct the child to go to the Phase II room.

Phase II-

Play chromatic scale - 20 points

Play 2nd lyrical etude cut- 100 points

Play 2nd technical etude cut- 100 points

Sight-read (8 measures, 30 seconds to study)- 60 points



Phase I- Wednesday, October 25

Enter audition room with mallets, sticks, and music (leave stick bags and binders with monitor)

Play mallet etude cut - 100 points

Play timpani etude cut - 100 points

Play snare drum etude cut - 100 points

There will be four percussion phase 1 rooms and the highest 11 scores of each room will advance. Directors will share results with their students after the audition.

Phase II- Saturday, October 28
Play mallet etude cut - 100 points

Play timpani etude cut - 100 points

Play snare etude cut - 100 points

Play snare sight-reading - 50 points